The Ackuray DLP series

Professional-grade DLP 3D printing made easy

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DLP Technology

Open Material System

Lifetime Support

High Speed Printing

Auto Calibration

Unparalleled Productivity


Produce 10 dental models in 2 hours


Unparalleled Productivity


Print 10 custom wax jewelry pieces in 1 and a half hours


Unparalleled Productivity


8 engineering pieces in half an hour


Perfection in every print

Advanced UV LED projector ensures optimized resin-curing control,
dimensional stability, and extreme accuracy
Conventional SLA
Laser SLA

Open Material System

The Ackuray is compatible with third party materials including ClassIIA biocompatible and castable resins

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Built for Speed


faster than coventional SLA


faster than coventional DLP

Key Features


Fine jewelry, crowns and bridges,
quadrants, partial dentures miniatures
Build volume:
96 x 54 x 130 mm
X Y resolution:
50 μm


Fashion jewelry, dental models,
surgical guides, splints, trays, bases
Build volume:
135 x 76 x 130 mm
X Y resolution:
70 μm