3D Printing in Jewelry


The jewelry industry is highly demanding on the design front, even a small jewelry shop may have over 2000 different designs. Professional 3D printing creates the possibility of mass-market, customizable jewelry, and creates opportunity for jewelry professionals to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

Direct Investment Casts

The wax-like properties of QuraWAX make it ideal for jewelry and metallic pieces made through direct investment casting. It creates full-burnout, allowing you to capture the finest details of your prints while producing a smooth surface finish.

Machine Used Ackuray A135
Material Used QuraWAX
Parts per Print 10 parts
Weight per Part 0.5 grams
Material Cost per Part USD 2.25
Printing Time 2 hours

Custom Jewelry Pieces

By digitizing jewelry creation, signature collections can be crafted in a fraction of the time with full repeatability, control, and precision.

Machine Used Ackuray A96
Material Used QuraWAX
Parts per Print 25 parts
Material Cost per Part USD 0.21
Printing Time 1 hour 20 mins
QuraWAX Ackuray A96 Jewelry Print
DETAX Freeprint Shell Pattern Jewelry

Pattern Moulds

DETAX Freeprint Shell produces tough prints ideal for pattern moulding with silicon or rubber for repeat jewelry production.