3D Printing in Jewelry


The jewelry industry is highly demanding on the design front. Professional 3D printing creates the possibility of mass-market, customizable jewelry, and create opportunities for jewelry professionals to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

Direct Investment Casts

The wax-like properties of QuraWAX make it ideal for jewelry and metallic pieces made through direct investment casting. It creates full-burnout, allowing you to capture the finest details of your prints while producing a smooth surface finish.

Machine Used Ackuray A135
Material Used QuraWAX
Parts per Print 10 parts
Weight per Part 0.5 grams
Material Cost per Part USD 2.25
Printing Time 2 hours

Filigree Jewelry Pieces

By digitizing jewelry creation, signature collections can be crafted in a fraction of the time with full repeatability, control, and precision.

Machine Used Ackuray A96
Material Used QuraWAX
Parts per Print 25 parts
Material Cost per Part USD 0.21
Printing Time 1 hour 20 mins
QuraWAX detailed rings printed on the Ackuray A135

Customized Jewelry

Printing on the Ackuray A135 make it possible to produce multiple customized designs in a few hours.

Machine Used Ackuray A935
Material Used QuraWAX
Parts per Print 14 parts
Material Cost per Part USD 0.68
Printing Time 1 hour 30 mins

Pattern Moulds

Produce tough prints ideal for pattern moulding with silicon or rubber for repeat jewelry production.

Pattern Mould